Baker Dough Scales

Cardinal's baker dough scales are perfect for bakeries and other food establishments that rely on accurate measurements to create their products. Each baker dough scale features an even-balance, mechanical weigh beam, and two 9-inch diameter plates. Cardinal offers models with capacities of 8 or 16 pounds, as well as several metric models. Baker dough beam scales are available with a counterweight set and optional plastic scoops for convenient weighing and easy cleanup. All of Cardinal's baker dough scales are USDA approved. Choose from a white, oven-baked enamel finish or the classic stainless steel base. Use a baker's dough scale to ensure you achieve the results you want every time you prepare bread, pizza and other baked items. Your baked goods will have consistent texture, taste and appearance when you invest in a quality bakers dough scale to weigh out your ingredients.