Floor Scales

Cardinal Scale’s stationary floor scales are manufactured to durably last under heavy-duty industrial use. A wide range of floor scale types are available for different weighing applications ranging from the lighter-grade Enforcer series with smooth decks for non-NTEP roll-on cart weighing, RuggedWeigh economical floor scales with up to 10,000 lb x 2 lb capacities, FloorHugger FHN series for extra heavy-duty rugged NTEP legal-for-trade applications requiring platforms up to 12 ft x 10 ft and 20,000 lb capacities, GroundForce series ideal for pit installations flush-mounted with the floor surface, FHLT lift-top series with gas-assisted lifting cylinders for easy access to internal components for wash-down cleaning, and the extreme-duty Guardian hydraulic series with load cells that are impervious to water damage and electric surges (lifetime load cell warranty). A large selection of ramps, pit frames, weight indicators, and Wi-Fi options are also available.