Hanging Scales

Produce merchants, grocers, farmers markets, and butchers around the world use Detecto's hanging scales for reliable, easy weighing. Applicable to all types of weighing situations, each Detecto hanging scale is an economical choice that will last for years to come. Constructed from the highest-quality materials, Detecto's hanging scales include features like LCD displays or dials, large weighing pans and plates, and a variety of capacities. TV's “How It's Made” has even featured Detecto's MCS series of produce scales. Detecto's grocery store hanging scales are portable and provide guaranteed measurements. For the optimal weighing experience in a hanging scale, Detecto offers the unique model SCS30 solar-powered hanging scale which operates completely powered by light (may be used indoors and outdoors). This NTEP legal-for-trade solar scale features one-inch-high LCD readouts, 30 lb/15 kg capacity, and 0.02 lb/0.01 kg divisions for pinpoint accuracy.