In-motion Checkweigher

Cardinal Scale’s Continuous In-Motion Checkweighers keep your production line humming to reduce labor costs while providing an accurate weight of each package. Available in your choice of two conveyor sizes, the In-Motion Checkweigher blends seamlessly into your line for fast, efficient weighing. A number of options are available to customize the CIM100/CIM200 to fit your specific application, whether it’s packages, parts, or food handling. The CIM series conveyor belt scales are constructed in mild steel with baked-on tan powder paint and come with your choice of model 225 or 825 indicators. The indicators feature an in-motion checking application designed to continuously sort products as they travel over a belt scale. As products travel down the conveyor they will pass two photo eyes that will start and stop recording of weight samples. Based on preset weights for three zones tied to a specific product code, the indicator will activate the digital output for the appropriate zone indication.