Livestock Scales

Cardinal's electronic and mechanical livestock scales are ideal for stockyards, private farms, and feedlot weighing. Each stockyard scale is designed to accurately measure cattle weight in a secure, stable environment. Concrete and wood decks provide solid ground for livestock, and all surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. Cardinal's farm scales come in a variety of platform sizes and capacities ranging from 10 tons to 30 tons. Some models include cattle pens and gates. Models of Cardinal's LS Electro-Mechanical scales utilize fewer levers and double-link suspension bearings in order to cut down on wear and eliminate platform shock. The LSE Electronic scale features a low, 10-inch profile for easy installation that minimizes necessary foundation work. The Harvester LSC series features pre-cast concrete decks with etched diamond patterns for hoof-gripping traction and stability. The SLS models are designed for single animal weighing. Every Cardinal farm scale platform is designed to hold up in tough conditions and to provide accurate measurements for years to come.