Railroad Track Scales

Railcar weighing is a challenge—and Cardinal Scale's railroad scales are built to meet the demands of harsh weather, heavy loads, and constant use. Cardinal Scale's LPRA low-profile series and RSCA pit-type series railroad scales are both available with either electronic or hydraulic stainless steel load cells (Hydraulic load cells are impervious against lightning strikes and water damage). Cardinal's railroad track scales are designed for longevity, accuracy, and efficient performance in every environment. They are built with heavy-duty rugged steel weighbridges, and each railroad track scale features a unique weighbridge design that keeps platform traffic from causing lateral forces to be transmitted to the load cell assemblies. This ultimately helps to keep the weighbridge in the right place and ensures secure, accurate measurements. Cardinal's railway scales require little maintenance and come in a variety of gross capacities ranging from 100 tons to 270 tons.