Retail POS/Logistics

The Enterprise® series retail point-of-sale (POS)/logistics scales are perfect for checkout areas and self-service aisles, manual batching applications that require controlling the weights of ingredients, logistics/shipping, and as multi-purpose scales where a general type scale base is required. The Enterprise® scales feature USB standard and Wi-Fi connectivity (optional). The backlit green LCD features bold 0.7-inch/18-mm high digits which are visible in nearly any lighting condition.  Simple two-button operation (Zero/Power, Units) makes them extremely easy to use for novice operators. The Enterprise® series come in a multitude of platform sizes to choose from ranging from 6 x 10 inch/15 x 25 cm up to 18 x 18 inch/46 x 46 cm and six different capacities ranging from 160 oz x 0.1 oz up to 250 lb x 0.1 lb/125 kg x 0.05 kg.